Jose Cardona

Software Development, Networks, Security


Skills (Or Buzzword soup)

Networks and Security

Strong knowledge of network and crypto protocols, network monitoring, packet capture and analysis and offensive security attack vectors.

Server-side Development

Familiar with Akka, Http4s, Play Framework, Django and Spring frameworks, as well as J2EE servlets. Capable of implementing redundant, multi-tier, highly available and secure network aware applications (Or whatever buzzword suits your fancy)

Full Stack Web Application Development

I had a nice long explanation with *asynchronous* sprinked everywhere but I hate touching client side so pay me in gold bars and I'll probably consider it

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

Experience in Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development using Ionic Framework/Apache Cordova/Xamarin and Native Android Studio.

Project Specification and Documentation

Ability to procure software specification documents, UML Diagrams, Java/Scala Documentation, Test Suites. Though really, I'll probably get my editor to generate the UML diagram so I can get back to writing code.

Systems Architecture

Excellent knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (both at application and data architecture layers), webservice patterns (SOAP/XML, REST/JSON and a little WSDL) via various transports like JMS, HTTP/HTTPS and Websockets). Fully familiar with systems analysis and design specification (BRD, SDS, SIT, UAT and PIS).

Technical (Bonus Points if you spot the pokemon)

  • Scala - Functional Programming
  • Javascript: ES5, ES6, jQuery
  • Java: J2EE, Spring, EJB
  • C, C++
  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Spring Security
  • Networks: Protocols, Congestion control
  • Bash
  • SQL, CQL
  • Python: Django, Lucario
  • Scapy, Burp Suite, Aircrack-ng
  • Metasploit, SqlMap and more Kali tools
  • A lil' Haskell
  • Ionic/Ng1/Ng2
  • PostgreSQL, MYSQL, CassandraDB
  • Blastoise
  • Git
  • Docker, Wailord

Selected Work Experience (Or Jobs I enjoy/enjoyed)

AiMe GmbH

Scala Developer (Full Time):

June 2017 - Present

Developer and software Architect for Ai-based Data Analytics using: Functional Scala with Cats and the great ecosystem, Docker, C++, Eigen and boost

Tech we Enjoy: Scala (The functional kind, thanks Cats!), Docker, C++ (except for when good ol' boost compiles an illegal instruction and you have to revert your gcc version)

IVRTek Solutions Inc

Contractor: Full Stack developer

Jan 2017- June 2017

Lead application designer for distributed, clustered servers using LVS, Play Framework, Akka, Redis and CassandraDB

Implemented Distributed Notification system using Akka and Redis to handle Synchronization challenges for clustered servers pushing decentralized notifications over Websocket

Handled System Design, Cassandra Data modeling and queries, security schema (JWT Auth, CSRF and XSS protection), API Integration with Google/Dropbox, REST API endpoints, Unit and Integration Testing

York University CS Research

Developer - NGrid

March 2016-Present

Lead application designer for full stack web application for AMD Data Collection, using AngularJS, JQuery, Play Framework, MySQL, Slick and Akka in Scala, Java and Javascript, proxied through by NGINX

Developed Database Schema, UI, Image Processing, Server and RESTful Architecture for the server with Asynchronous IO and event handling

Secured Web Application from the spooky scary skeletons with: SSL (Strong Diffie-Hellman group for increased security, using OpenSSL and Let's Encrypt), Data Storage (Secure Credentials), XSS Protection, and drowning in OWASP docs.

Help proofread papers once in a blue moon

University of Waterloo, Civil Engineering Dept.

Research Assistant

2011 - 2012

Acquired experience in the research of civil engineering data fusion and materials management technologies.

Developed, in conjunction with PhD students, activity-based multi-sensor data fusion progress tracking software and Bill-of-Materials optimization software, laying the groundwork for its future development and use within the engineering industry.

Produced deliverable documents such as reports, literature reviews and processed research data

Co-authored one conference paper and two journal articles.

Acquired field experience in the operation of the FARO Laser Scanner and Trimble Laser scanner, as well as the development of algorithms for the processing of captured data.



Founder and Developer

2017 - Present

An Open Source Functional, Type-safe Security library

Primary developer for a framework in a field I'm passionate about so one day, I can help reduce the balding induced by Java-based cryptography mistakes

Open Source Contributor



Contributor to Http4s, youi, play-silhouette and many more. Checkout my git profile!

I also maintain a few open sourced libraries at AiMe

Vipid Mobile

Security and Networks Dev


Developing Social Networking Cross-Platform Application for Enterprise Connections in a small team using Ionic Framework/Apache Cordova, AngularJS2 and Django, using Typescript and Python.

Developer in application security, REST-compliant web service design, Secure Credentials management and Data Management, as well as OAUTH hookup with LinkedIn/Google


Available upon request


Activity-Based Data Fusion for Automated Progress Tracking of Construction Projects

Relevant Software Education

York University

2015 - Present

Computer Security Honors BsC (Expected August 2018)

Jose Cardona — Software Developer